Frequently asked questions about the pumpkin patch
What is the admission price to get into the farm? For 2022, admission is $10 per person for all ages, and ages 3 and under are FREE! Admission includes unlimited sliding, goat visits, tire playground, hay play, corn pit and corn maze. Come EARLY in the season if you want a homegrown pumpkin, come later in the season to enjoy better weather!

What should I wear to the farm?
Farms are dirty, with weeds, bugs and uneven ground everywhere; so we ask that everyone, especially children, wear good walking shoes with closed toes. No Sandals should be worn. Also, you should plan on your children getting DIRTY in the hay and corn pit. 

How big is your farm?
We own 27 acres of land, with a little room to grow. It is not a lot compared to other farms in the Agri-tourism industry, but we love its size. We design our activities for children aged 3-10 and that fits right along with our small size. You will NOT spend all day walking around 50 acres of crops, nor getting extremely lost in our corn maze. We design our fun so that your little ones can expel some of that pent-up energy, and you're not chasing them over acres and acres of land. They'll sleep good after visiting us, we promise!!

How big is your corn maze?
3.5 acres for 2022- designed for the little ones and older folks alike! Not too big, but not to small! And perfect to get lost in. 

Should I bring cash or do you take debit/credit cards?
We love cash, but do take debit and credit cards. 

Is there anything to eat?
Yes, we have pre-packaged food and beverages for sale, but you are always welcome to bring a picnic lunch and blanket to enjoy in our picnic area. We also have outside food vendors, including pizza, sandwiches and ice cream. 

What else should I bring?
Bug spray and sun screen if you like and your CAMERA! Photo opportunities are everywhere. NO PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS ALLOWED unless permission is granted in advance, on a scheduled date, with signed photography agreement. 

​Do you really grow your own pumpkins?
Yes we do! We grow a variety of pumpkin developed by the University of Georgia a couple of years ago. Traditional looking pumpkins do not grow well with our area's heat and humidity, so UGA developed this seed to be planted in early summer and ready for harvest around Halloween. Along with the Orange Bulldog, we have plenty of other kinds of pumpkins for sale too, in all different shapes, colors, and sizes. Come early in the season if you want to pick your own from the vine though! They go fast!! The first week is recommended.

What's new this year?

Due to the rising cost of EVERYTHING, we couldn't afford to invest in anything new year, while trying to keep costs low for our customers. We hope you enjoy the same tradition as in years past. But don't worry, bigger things are coming. 

What else is there for purchase, or should I expect to pay for anything else once inside the farm?
Your admission covers all OUR activities - corn maze, animal visit, hay play, slide, tire playground, corn pit, and a trip into the pumpkin patch (PUMPKIN IS EXTRA). If you choose, you do NOT have to purchase anything else. However, we do have lots of things for sale at the farm: fall produce, fall decorations (corn stalks, gourds) concessions, baked goods, animal feed and of course, any pumpkin you want to take home would be extra. Vendors are here as well. These are all EXTRA. 

Do I have to pay admission if I only want to buy a pumpkin?
If you only want to buy a pumpkin, you don't have to pay admission, but you can only choose from the pumpkins that we have on display. You cannot walk out into the pumpkin patch where the pumpkins are growing, unless you pay admission.

Is a pumpkin included in the price of admission?
​NO, pumpkins are extra and are NOT included with admission. Pumpkin prices range from $2 to $100 depending on the size, shape, and color of the pumpkin. You don't have to purchase a pumpkin.

Farm Animals 

Come on out and feed the goats, chickens and ducks!
Animal feed is just 50 cents and located at the far end of the property in the goat barn. 
Big Slide
Kids love going down the big slide in a potato sack! It the highlight of the trip for many. Un limited rides included in admission. 
Pumpkin Pickin'

2022 is looking to be a fabulous year for our pumpkin crop. Come see us early in the season for Georgia Grown pumpkins. We also sell other varieties grown all over the United States. 
Corn Crib

Thinks ball pit, but with loose corn kernels. Moms, you will love this for your feet!!
Corn Maze

Our corn maze for 2021 is 3.5 acres - not too big, not too small! Growing right on schedule for 6-7' corn stalk. Plenty of room to get lost. 
BIG Pumpkin

After a two-year hiatus, the BIG pumpkin is finally back. Don't miss taking a picture with this beast!
Pumpkin Patch 2022
Saturdays and Sundays, October 1 - 30
Open 10-6, Saturdays and Sundays. Must be at the farm by 5 p.m. for admission.
$10 per person, 4 yrs and older. 
$8 per person, Military, First Responders, and Seniors (60 and older)

​Photo Opps

Bring your camera and capture the memories! Lots of places to snap great pictures of your family and friends. No professional Photographers allowed. ​