Madrac Farms Pumpkin Patch
Funny sounding name right? Madrac is derived from the names of our daughters - Madelyn and Rachel. We started the farm as a way to help put our girls through college and help out with extra bills around the property. Teaching them about a hard days work didn't sound bad either. 

Our main crop is Pumpkins, a rare feat to grow in the South Georgia climate. But with a lot of hard work, and a little luck, we get it done every year. Besides being able to pick your own pumpkin right off the vine we offer a corn maze and other fall fun in Octobers. 

Pumpkins are truly a passion for us. Year after year, we create a place that KIDS (of ALL ages) truly love, and that makes it all worth it to us. We wouldn't raise pumpkins if we truly didn't love it. We hope you enjoy your visit and come back to see us again!

As farms traditionally go, we are light years behind on knowledge, property, and people - meaning we are just getting started. Most farms in our area have been around for 50 + years, with assets that we can only dream about right now. But with your support, we will get to see our dream come true and pass along all our knowledge, dedication and hard work to our daughters (Which is why we started this in the first place and the namesakes of the farm)

Sometimes its frustrating not having all that we want, especially because we want your children's experience here to be the best fun they've had in a long time. We want you to make memories with them! 

And we will get there, with your support. Thank you for everything for the past 9 years. Thank you for being patient with us as we grow a little each year. Thank you for understanding that we are just starting out. Most of all, THANK YOU for your support!
The 2020 Season
Pumpkin Patch, COVID Style

This 10th year of the pumpkin patch, we are so GRATEFUL to just be OPEN, and ready to have some Fall fun. 

COVID-19 has changed all of us, and the farm is no exception. We didn't even know if we would be able to be open until September. This caused a late start to planting the pumpkins and corn, but both are doing well, but our Corn Maze is truly kid-sized this year, growing to only 3-4' in some spots, and 6' in other areas. 

We are super bummed that we have to close down the hayride and corn pit, but CDC guidelines and recommendations from our County government prohibit these from being open, to help slow the spread of COVID and maintain social distancing. 

Lastly, due to COVID, we are unable to secure a GIANT pumpkin (pictured right) as we have in years past. This is due to pricing and supply chain issues.

We hope everyone understands the adjustments we've had to make to be able to be open this year. We hope you'll join us this season as we navigate this new World. The farm needs your SUPPORT more than ever!!!!!!

Please come see us! 
The farm is owned and operated by the Reagan Family